Terms Of Service

By purchasing from Jedi, issuing a payment or transaction, you (the client) automatically agree to the Terms and Conditions that I or anyone under me provide. You are subject to comply with anything regarding the TOS.

I, Jedi, am a freelancer that works for myself and generally by myself unless a larger or quick build is ordered. Which in that case I will be charging more and splitting the profits with my second builder whom I choose.

All builds come with a 3 day support option. If you have any issues with the download at all I will send you the file once again. If your file accidentally gets corrupted or you loose the file after 3 days, I cannot guarantee I will still have that file. I will not be required to resend you that file after that 3 day period. I am not responsible for misuse of world guard management, map grieving, or any other instances that may occur after the sending of the file.

Payments will be listed in a paypal invoice and stated in the ticket you opened to order. Payments will be non-refundable unless there are specific conditions to which I may consider refunding. I require at least a 50% down payment of the full price before beginning work on any project. This payment goes to the full bill. 50% just insures that the buyer is serious about ordering. Custom products will not be provided until the full payment has been sent.

Chargebacks are not allowed. Please contact me first so we can work something out.

All sales proof is recorded. It can and will be used against you if needed. Refunds will be provided if I cannot complete the build for any personal emergency. The invoice will be canceled if someone cancels their order but the 50% will not be refunded in any case. All website pre-made builds will not be refunded. If a download issue occurs, contact me to get the file directly with proof of purchase.

If you do not pay the 50% deposit at the beginning of the order after we have settled on a price and you are ready to start; your order will automatically be canceled in 5 days. If you are unable to pay the last 50% after your order is completed, the product will be held up to 5 business days and then it may be deleted unless you have notified me with proof it will take longer for your funds to go through. This is because storage on my pc is limited and as orders come in, I have to try and keep things organized

You are not allowed to resell or distribute the product unless you have bought exclusive. An exclusive build means you and only you will have this map. I will not resell it and any files I have will be deleted after 30 days. Exclusive may not always include the ideas put into this build. (eg. Trees, landscaping, generic patterns, layouts, generic themes) Because of how broad landscaping can be; unless the map has specific landmarks. All exclusive buildings (actual buildings) will not be reused as a whole. Concepts may be taken from them. With exclusive rights you may do anything to the product as long as I still get credit. This includes reselling and modifying whatever and wherever you choose. Anything I build for you, I can showcase on any platforms of social media including, but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Discord, and Planenetminecraft.

If exclusive rights are NOT purchased, I can redistribute the product as I see fit. This includes where and how much. All custom build prices also include the time and effort put into making a build. If your build is posted for lower on the website, it is because anyone buying a pre-made build doesn’t have to pay for the labor. If you are unhappy with this, you are allowed to buy exclusive rights to any product after the creation of it at any time. By that time, the product may or may not have been sold a few times. If you did not custom order the map, you cannot buy exclusive rights for the product you are interested in. There will be no refunds on anything purchased at the shop. Support is offered for any issues that may happen with the purchasing of those items such as: downloads not working, payments not going through, and questions about any of the products. Client support gets priority. If a product fails to give you the option to download, contact me with proof of purchase and I can send you the download directly.

I reserve the right to deny, reject or terminate my service if the client is in denial of the TOS. If you have created a ticket on my custom build discord, and don’t respond to the ticket within a week, the ticket will be deleted without notice. I reserve the right to charge extra if you decide to change, add on to, withdraw during the completion of the build especially if not described in detail at the creation of a ticket. The TOS may change at anytime and that you are expected and responsible to read the updated TOS and automatically agreed to any further updates to the TOS by agreeing to this. All products will fall under the current version of the TOS unless a major change with the TOS effects the rights or payments; in that case the product if paid or partially paid for will fall under the previous TOS. This does not include minor changes of rewording or deeper explanation of questions that may come up in later purchases. I am not responsible for the misunderstandings you may have if you don’t read through this, purchase a product from me, and then have issues with anything I do regarding anything mentioned above. Any questions or concerns regarding the TOS should be made BEFORE a purchase or transaction of any sort otherwise you automatically agree to the TOS.