Hello, I’m Jedi. I am a professional minecraft builder. I’ve played minecraft for too long (2012-present) Over the years I’ve found that building is my best area when it comes to minecraft and so here we are.

I have never been able to successfully play minecraft for a long time without cheating so I gave up and put all my energy into building cool things. I like to think I’m somewhat experienced.

My favorite color is blue, (if you can’t tell already). I like turtles, I used to do archery tournaments, and I know how to play the drums… all of which is super unrelated to minecraft.

I am very flexible with prices and try to get things done in a timely matter. I try to do my absolute best whether it’s a free build or a really expensive one, you can always count on the best quality from me.

I really enjoy being able to create something everyone can be amazed at, mostly for bragging rights but also because it’s something to give to others.

I hope you will choose me when looking for a builder. Join my discord to start an order or ask any questions you may have. I also upload everything of mine to my Planet Minecraft Profile (click here!)

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